March 2, 2019

What Americans learned from the Cohen hearing

Huffington Post -Americans say, 48 percent to 35 percent, that they believe Trump is a racist, with 17 percent unsure. They say, 50 percent to 27 percent, that they believe Trump has committed financial fraud, with 23 percent unsure.

About 41 percent of the public believes both that Cohen did something wrong and that his actions are part of a larger pattern of wrongdoing in the Trump administration, rather than an isolated incident. Those numbers suggest there’s been relatively little movement in public opinion since Cohen’s conviction last August, when 53 percent said he did at least something wrong, and 38 percent that his actions reflected a broader pattern of wrongdoing.

Only a quarter of Americans think Cohen is more trustworthy than Trump, with 31 percent considering Trump to be more trustworthy. The remaining 44 percent trust neither or aren’t sure.

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