March 6, 2019

Trump sets trade deficit record

The Commerce Department announced  that the country’s trade deficit last year was the biggest in US history. It’s $891 billion for merchandise, $621 billion when the service sector is added in, and $419 billion with China alone. Each is a record. The Post reports that the overall number tops the previous record of $838 billion in 2006,

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Leslie Armstrong said...

Should be no surprise. He bankrupted all his businesses. He's just doing what he does best. I don't blame the Trump voters for the mess we're in...I blame our completely messed up voting system and the corruption behind it (scrubbing voters off the voter lists, gerrymandering, voting machines that flip votes, reducing the #of polling places making lines to vote way too long, and the fact that we don't have a simple popular vote system....and if we did, perhaps there never would have been a war in the Middle East. I still hate GW. And DT....neither of whom garnered the majority vote. Why do we tolerate such an unDemocratic system?