March 8, 2019

Omar getting support from Jewish left

Slate -Alongside the intraparty squabble, Jewish American leftists have emerged as a key source of support for Omar, writing a flurry of op-eds, petitions, and social media posts with the hashtag #IStandWithIlhan. Progressive Jewish organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace, IfNotNow, and Jews for Racial & Economic Justice are responding to the Omar flap by emphasizing the difference between anti-Semitism and legitimate critiques of Israel and pivoting to discuss the threat of white supremacy to all minority groups.... This source of full-throated support of the congresswoman has the potential to shift the national conversation over anti-Semitism and how it operates. It’s also a sign of the growing rift within the American Jewish community over Israel-Palestine, as leftist Jewish movements gain momentum.

Leo Ferguson, the movement building organizer at Jews for Racial & Economic Justice, expressed hope that this controversy could serve as a valuable learning experience for the Jewish community and the American public more broadly. “The opportunity here, if we take it, is for all of us to become much sharper in our understanding of anti-Semitism,” Ferguson told me. “There is an incredibly powerful opening for white Jews to understand their deep mutual interest and potential solidarity with black people, because white supremacy is coming for all of us.”

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William Boyd said...

In my opinion, House leadership has demonstrated utter shamelessness in regards to Ms. Omar. I'd even consider anointing them with the nickname "sinverguenza."