March 10, 2019

Computers to call strikes in minor league

Axios -"Computers will be used for ball/strike calls starting April 25 in the independent Atlantic League," AP's Ronald Blum writes:
  • "Plate umpires will wear earpieces and be informed of ball/strike calls by a TrackMan computer system that uses Doppler radar."
  • "Umps will have the ability to override the computer, which considers a pitch a strike when the ball bounces and then crosses the zone."
Good news for humans: Joe West, who has umpired more than 5,000 big league games and is on track to break Bill Klem's record in 2020, said a past TrackMan test was spotty, missing 500 pitches in one month.
  • "The beauty of baseball is that it's not foolproof," said West, who umpired his first big league game in 1976.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OK, call me a 'romantic', a 'dreamer', or 'just crazy'; but I agree with Joe West in thinking that "The beauty of baseball is that it's not foolproof".

That's part of the Charm! A broken bat, a strong wind out of the East at Wrigley Field, or maybe just rain.

Just as I am absolutely opposed to 'driverless cars', I feel that having computers telling the plate umpire whether a pitch is a Ball / Strike actually eliminates something from the Game, and deprives the fans of somebody to vent their frustrations at.

Yup, I'm over 65.