February 5, 2019

In past 44 years, a 60% decline in mammals, birds, fish

Conde Nast Traveller - Humans have been around for more than 2 million years. But in the last 44 years, we have achieved what we haven’t in all this while: a mass annihilation of our fellow earthlings. Between 1970 and 2014, Earth lost nearly 60% decline of its mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, almost all of it due to human activity. The rate at which Earth is losing its biodiversity is comparable only to the mass extinctions. This and other findings have been published by the World Wildlife Fund in its Living Planet Report 2018, a stinging reminder of the declining health of the planet.


Anonymous said...

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Pollyanna Pete said...

Deer are oversized rats, proliferating wildly, damaging the landscape and spreading disease.

They need to be exterminated by the quickest method possible.

greg gerritt said...

Koss of animals is directly relted tothe loss of forest, and the loss of forest is directly linked to genocide and resource depletion/ecological collapse. We are in big trouble.