February 2, 2019

Brown adopts our Medicare plan

Back during the debate on Obamacare, the Progressive Review suggested adding a lower age of 55 for Medicare as part of the plan. It got nowhere back then but still remains a good compromise if Medicare for all doesn't work.

Common Dreams -   "I know most of the Democratic primary candidates are all talking about Medicare for all. I think instead we should do Medicare at 55," [Sherrod] Brown said during a question and answer session at the Chamber of Commerce in Clear Lake, Iowa. Brown said that reducing the age or letting people over 55 buy into the existing Medicare system early would have a better chance of getting through Congress.

"I'm not going to come and make a lot of promises like President Trump did ... I'm going to talk about what's practical and what we can make happen. And if that makes me different from the other candidates so be it," Brown said.


Geoffrey Levens said...

Lowering Medicare age to 55 is nice but would barely make a dent in the problem, kicking the can down the road. Same old weak ass corporate Democratic non-solution. We need to just suck it up and make it cradle to grave, everyone in, no citizen out, no co-pays, no premiums, minimal paper work. It would not be all that much more difficult to set up, the majority wants it, and the Warren proposed marginal tax rate increase on billionaires would cover the transition costs.

Anonymous said...

This is a smart proposal by Brown. He is proving to be the adult in the Democratic Party - and would probably make the best presidential candidate.

We need to end medical monopolies supported by the government in violation of anti-trust laws. That is the real problem.

Trump made a step in the right direction by making providers post their prices prior to treatment. This will allow for some price comparison.

We need more free market competition in healthcare! Prices are inflated by an estimated 70-80% due to industry collusion and government non-enforcement of anti-competition and anti-trust laws - no other industry get away with what they get away with. We also need more prevention!

The insurance industry does not help - they just add on costs. Oklahoma Surgery Center can do the same procedures up to 70-80% less than others. They take cash upfront. No insurance needed. That's basically your deductible.

We have been ripped off and almost all the politicians are on the take. The problem is not insurance - it is the high cost of medical care. The solution is not more government - it's less!

This is not popular among politicians.