January 26, 2019

Word: Venezuela

Truthdig - More than 70 activists and scholars issued an open letter condemning recent moves by the Trump administration—including its decision earlier this week to officially recognize the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, as the “Interim President” of the country.

While the letter acknowledged the very real and difficult domestic conflict within Venezuela, it stated: “In such situations, the only solution is a negotiated settlement, as has happened in the past in Latin American countries when politically polarized societies were unable to resolve their differences through elections.”

Standing against further outside agitation from the U.S., the signers called for “international actors” to instead “support negotiations between the Venezuelan government and its opponents that will allow the country to finally emerge from its political and economic crisis.”

All the Demoratic candidates for president are silent so far on Venezuela with the exception of Bernine Sanders and Tulsi Gabbad   Details

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