January 23, 2019

More evidence that Trump has been a Russian asset

USA Today - Americans might soon learn what, if anything, special counsel Robert Mueller has found out about potential collusion between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Russia.

But there's one Trump-Moscow link where the emerging evidence is already as damning as it is disturbing.

During much, if not all, of Trump's campaign he sought to enrich himself by pursuing a luxury hotel-condominium-office deal in Russia known as Trump Tower Moscow.

And as a candidate, Trump repeatedly misled or lied to voters about his business with Russia. "I have nothing to do with Russia," he told reporters in July 2016. "I don't deal there," he said during the Oct. 9 presidential debate. Donald Trump visits Moscow on Nov. 5, 1996.

The truth is, Trump had coveted a lucrative hotel project in Russia — whether to build one or license his name to be emblazoned on a skyscraper — for decades. "We will be in Moscow at some point," he said in a 2007 deposition.

Later, as a presidential candidate, he secretly signed an 18-page letter of intent for Trump Tower Moscow on Oct. 28, 2015, the day of the third Republican presidential debate.


Anonymous said...

YES we are now a NET EXPORTER of OIL - largely due to Trump's energy policy...

Russia is HEAVILY dependent on OIL for their very limited pedestrian economy.

We are now the largest producer in the world...

Needless to say not very good for Russia.

Keep banging your "Russian Agent" drum Sam...pure McCarthyism.

Anonymous said...


There is a difference between a Russian asset and a Russian agent. An asset is not hired, but is manipulated into doing what Russia wants, an agent is someone paid to do the job. tRump is too stupid to be an agent, and he's not bright enough to see that he has been made into an asset. The article discuses tRump as an asset, not an agent. It isn't McCartyism if tRump really is breaking US law, and it is becoming well documented that tRump has broken US law and NY state law repeatedly.

Jeff Blankfort said...

That Trump does not yet have a hotel is what is amazing considering that the Hilton, Hyatt and Mariott, are already there and for some time. There is no arguing against the occupent in the White House that being a monster that even Holkywood have had trouble inventing, a pathological liar, a proud racist and a sexist, if not sexual predator, but nothing has come along yet that shows him to be a Russian agent.

Despite his words of praise for Putin, underhis presidency, MATO troops have been pushed to the Russian border and Ukraine has been provided with missiles that had been denied by Obama, who was no peacenik.