January 6, 2019

Hundreds of Trump officials getting pay raises as thousands of federal workers are getting nothing

Washington Post- While many federal workers go without pay and the government is partially shut down, hundreds of senior Trump political appointees are poised to receive annual raises of about $10,000 a year.
The pay raises for Cabinet secretaries, deputy secretaries, top administrators and even Vice President Pence are scheduled to go into effect beginning Jan. 5 without legislation to stop them, according to documents issued by the Office of Personnel Management and experts in federal pay.


Anonymous said...

In most professional ballet companies, the dancers are laid off at the end of the year for 2-3 weeks after the Nutcracker run. The company will let the dancers know who will be rehired, generally with enough warning the ones not rehired have found a new company before the lay off and will start with the new company in January. This makes the dancers eligible for unemployment for those 2-3 weeks. If a ballet company, most of which survive on a shoe string can figure out that laying the dancers off for 2-3 weeks protects the dancers from financial disruption through unemployment, why the hell can't the federal government do the same for its own employees.

Anonymous said...

How is this any different that what Corporations have been doing to Labor ever since the 1980s?