December 26, 2018

Trump's rotten judicial appointments

Daily Beast

According to an analysis by NPR, President Trump’s nominees were 77 percent male and 82 percent white (compared to Obama’s 57 percent male and 63 percent white nominees). An unprecedented six nominees, including one just confirmed by the lame-duck congress, were deemed “not qualified” by the non-partisan American Bar Association (ABA). Not one of President Obama’s nominees was so designated.
There are also many of them. In two years, Donald Trump has already nominated 155 people to be judges. In eight years, President Obama nominated 392. Trump’s nomination rate is more than twice that of his predecessor, mostly because from 2014-16, Senate Republicans stonewalled an unprecedented number of Obama’s judicial nominees: 68 of them, from should-be Supreme Court Justice Merrick Garland on down.
Those vacancies have now been filled largely by hard-right conservatives who passed the litmus tests of the Federalist Society and Judicial Confirmation Network, both of which are controlled by a tiny coterie of religious fundamentalists. Both organizations also espouse legal philosophies that were once well outside the legal mainstream, but are now unequivocally part of it. And while the Federalist Society claims 4 percent of America’s lawyers as members, those members make up over 80 percentof Trump’s appellate court nominees.
Some of the worst appointments

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