December 7, 2018

The failures of Paul Ryan

Alternet - In his early days, Ryan proved himself ruthlessly incompetent with a Social Security privatization plan that would have accidentally nationalized the means of production, and as House Budget Chairman he put forth a cruel plan to voucherize Medicare that would have effectively ended the program as we know it. There was never a public program Ryan wasn't willing to cut or slap pointless means-testing regulations on. And through all of this, he demonstrated an utter failure in the face of serious challenges to the political system and the rule of law.

But there is one simple metric by which even Paul Ryan himself admits he is a failure: nothing he did eased the national debt.

On MSNBC's "The Beat," Ari Melber delved into this single greatest failure.

"Ryan became Speaker in 2015, when there was a roughly $438 billion deficit, and he oversaw the growth of that deficit to $793 billion," said Melber. "It's now on track to surpass a trillion dollars."

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