December 17, 2018

Denver Public Library eliminates fines

Denver Post -Starting Jan.1, Denver Public Library will be eliminating fees for overdue materials to help reduce barriers for low-income patrons. Library administrators are even letting most customers’ existing overdue fines slide to get them back in the door, according to a Wednesday news release from the library. That’s $474,000 owed right now by 85,000 people.

Fines punish the most vulnerable families and individuals who struggle to pay them back, the Denver library said. The local library system was inspired by places like Salt Lake City who have slashed fines and have reported increased visits and circulation after the change.

Don’t get any wild ideas, though. The library still wants its stuff back.

To enforce returns, customer accounts will be blocked from further checkout when one or more items becomes 14 days overdue. Once returned, patrons can check things out to their heart’s content.

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