November 20, 2018

More than half of alternative sex candidates won office

The Hill - More than half of the record number of openly LGBTQ candidates won their races this year, according to an analysis published Monday.

Victory Fund, a political action committee that works to elect LGBTQ candidates to public office, found that 244 of the 432 LGBTQ candidates, or 56.5 percent, won their elections this year. An unprecedented number of gay, lesbian, transgender and queer candidates ran up and down the ballot this year, leading some to label the election cycle a "rainbow wave."

Forty-six percent of LGBTQ candidates ran for state legislature seats, while 33 percent sought office at the local level. LGBTQ candidates won 56 percent of the 110 state legislature elections they ran in, with a similar percentage emerging victorious in 80 local races.

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