November 7, 2018

Just some of the voting count messes

Great report on voting conditions by state

Some states fail to fix their voting problems

Voter advocates sue over delays at polling sites

Voting delays average 3 hours in Atlanta metro area

Florida voters say they were blocked from polling site inside gated community

Voters Face Overstuffed Ballot Boxes, Mail-In Ballot Issues in Colorado

Ballot Scanner Issues in Brooklyn Lead to Long Lines

Brad Blog -Some of the worst reported messes (there are still more to come to light and many more that we simply couldn't get to)...

    In New York City, where paper ballot computer scanners failed leading to hours-long lines across city;

    In Georgia, where many voters in African-American precincts stood in line for hours due to failing electronic pollbook systems and too few 100% unverifiable touchscreen voting machines (amid the tight race between the vote-suppressing GOP Sec. of State and Gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp and his African-American Democratic opponent Stacey Abrams);

    In North Carolina, where high humidity and a very long ballot reportedly prevented scanners from accepting them in a number of precincts in Wake County (Raleigh);

    In South Carolina, where oft-failed, 100% unverifiable touchscreen voting systems made by ES&S were reportedly flipping votes and officials were (outrageously) said to be making calibration adjustments to them in the middle of Election Day (a very dangerous idea!);

    In Kansas and Missouri where voters also reportedly fought with many problems, incluing long lines, voting systems that failed and poll workers unlawfully demanding Photo IDs to vote.

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