November 2, 2018

Green and Independent drop out of races near closing

The Hill =Arizona’s Green Party candidate announced she is dropping out of the state’s Senate race and is endorsing the Democratic candidate Rep. Kyrsten Sinema.... Angela Green told her supporters “to vote for a better Arizona, and that would be for Sinema.”

McSally has a 7-point lead over Sinema, according to a new poll released Thursday. A poll from NBC News shows Green receiving 6 percent of the vote and an average of polls from RealClearPolitics has Green getting 3 points.

Undernews - Independent Alan Caron has dropped out of the Maine governor's race at the last minute as well, endorsing Demcorat Janet Mills. We have argued this as a strategy for Green Party candidates in races where their presence could aid a conservative candidate, but wonder whether in these two cases the decision was made too late to be truly effective. 

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David Richardson said...

According to 538, the Dem Sinema has a 58.8 percent chance of winning, compared with 41.2 percent for Rep McSally, contrary to the poll cited in the article. 538 takes a weighted average of the polls and combines that with the partisan tilt of the district.