November 10, 2018

Election notes

Highest youth turnout since  1994

One interesting local victory on Tuesday was a vote by the citizens of Baltimore to amend the city’s charter to prohibit the privatization of their water and sewer system. In a rare instance of progressive preemption, the city’s voters told private water corporations to leave them alone.

More native Texans voted for O’Rourke than Cruz

The midterms mean the White House, on average in all 25 non-presidential cycles in the last century, loses 29 allies in the House. It appears House Democrats are just past that benchmark, outpacing the gains of at least 12 other midterm election cycles since 1918. ...Voters in large numbers — 52 million and counting — decided House Democrats were the right roadblocks for Trump and said a record 100 women should be part of that mix.

This year’s midterm elections saw “the rebirth of the American socialist movement after generations in retreat.” That was the post-election assessment from the Democratic Socialists of America, which backed 40 winning candidates at the state, county and municipal levels. As of Friday, 11 of this year's winning candidates had been endorsed by the national DSA organization, and 29 others had been endorsed by local chapters


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