November 9, 2018

Election notes

Democrats won control of the state House, Senate and governor's 14 states

14 of 35 LGBTQ Candidates Win in Texas

Liberals Prevail in State Supreme Court Elections

According to exit polls reported by the NY Times, voters under 30 voted Democratic by a 35 point margin, those over 60 voted Republican by less than a five point margin. 

Democrats pick up net 32 seats in U.S. House, with some races still undecided

Washington State Votes Against Taxing Soda, Sugary Drinks

 Maine Dems win full state control for first time since 2008

Massachusetts Upholds a Law Protecting Transgender Residents

Best and worst results for the environment

Only a few dozen Native American voters appear to have been affected on Election Day by changes to North Dakota’s voter identification requirements that many tribal members believed were aimed at suppressing their vote. Advocacy groups credited an intense effort to ensure a strong Indian vote on Tuesday that included everything from offering free qualifying IDs to free rides to the polls, though it wasn’t enough to influence a key U.S. Senate race.

Voters in Arkansas and North Carolina enacted voter ID requirements.

Voters in two red states approve minimum wage hikes

Alabama and West Virginia voters preemptively criminalized abortion in case Roe v. Wade is struck down. But voters in Oregon defeated an attempt to restrict coverage. 

California rent control proposal goes down

Iin Florida, a groundbreaking constitutional amendment that automatically restores the voting rights of more than 1.4 million former felons easily passed....In Nevada and Michigan adopted automatic voter registration for anyone who interacts with state government, and in Maryland, voters can now register to vote when they show up to vote. Voters approved nonpartisan redistricting commissions in Colorado, Missouri and Michigan, while a similar ballot measure appeared likely to pass in Utah.

Democratic candidates won governorships in seven Republican-held states on Tuesday as voters rebuked both President Trump and unpopular GOP governors in some of the deepest red territories in the country.

As of Wednesday afternoon, incumbent Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-Maine) had exactly 46 percent of the vote while Democratic challenger Jared Golden held 45.9 percent. Eighty-one percent of voting precincts had reported their results. Two independents, Tiffany Bond and William Hoar, had captured 5.7 and 2.4 percent of the vote respectively. Under the state's ranked choice voting (RCV) system, which voters approved for state-wide elections by referendum in June,

There were historic firsts across the country on Tuesday night, as voters chose from a set of candidates that was among the most diverse ever to run in the United States. Women, Native Americans, Muslims and L.B.G.T. candidates were among those who broke barriers.
Here are some of the winners who will made history.

California Chooses Year-Round Daylight Saving Time

More than 44 million Americans voted for Democratic Senate candidates vs. about 33 million for Republican contenders

Colorado elects nation's first openly gay governor

Nevada voters approve automatic voter registration

Michigan, Utah, Missouri ease marijuana laws

Scott Walker lost

Progressive ballot initiatives on marijuana, the minimum wage, voting rights, and Medicaid passed in red and blue states alike

Alabama approves Ten Commandment statues in government buildings. 

San Francisco passes first of its kind tax on businesses to help the homeless

MEDICAID expansion prevails in Idaho, Nebraska and Utah

Diane Rabitch - Vouchers were overwhelmingly beaten in Arizona by the teachers and moms of SOS Arizona, who scored a knock-out punch against the Koch brothers, giving vouchers their 21st consecutive loss at the ballot box. The margin was 2-1 against vouchers.

Billionaire Democrat Pritzker beat billionaire Republican Rauner in Illinois.

Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat, was elected Governor of New Mexico, ending the war on teachers in that stare.

All three states that gave Trump his margin of victory in 2016–Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania—are now controlled by Democrats.

1 comment:

William Boyd said...

Thanks, Sam, for a calming report of the many positive outcomes of yesterday's election. Yeah, in a fair world, the mere presence of a Monster in White House would've guaranteed that the majority of the U.S. population would have felt fulfilled. But, that just ain't reality.

Bill in Virginia

P.S. The Democratic candidate for our U.S. House rep lost. 'Course, she like far too many others would have been only a bit more than marginally better than the incumbent warmonger.