November 6, 2018

California court rules that you should only have to take one One-A-Day vitamin daily

Legal Newsline -A California appeals court has reversed a lower court’s ruling in favor of Bayer Corp. in a case over the company's One A Day gummy vitamins.

Bayer Corp. was originally sued by William Brady in a class action filed in March 2016 over allegations its packaging of the Vitacraves adult multivitamin line of gummy vitamins is misleading.

The court noted in its ruling that the front side of the bottle clearly says One A Day while on the back of the bottle's supplemental facts states that two gummy vitamins are recommended daily.

Bayer’s position, according to the ruling, is that “modern consumers carefully read and analyze the formulations of the vitamins on the market and make their choices based upon their own expertise."

The court wrote “That’s a stretch,” concluding that consumers make their decisions based on brand familiarity and trust.

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