November 6, 2018

A good way to vote

Sam Smith - Have just voted in my small town in Maine and as I walked out of the building I treated myself to a delicious egg salad sandwich with chips and, from another table, a delicious home made brownie. There were also various petitions to sign, maple syrup to buy, and various local organizations to learn about.

For me, voting is a responsibility to be sure, but also a particular pleasure. Is that true where you go to vote? If not, what could be done to improve it?


Walter F. Wouk said...

Ilive in a small town on a mountain top in upstate New York. No food for the voters at the polling place, but there was the mouth watering scent of dinner being prepared for the poll workers by a poll worker. That said, they reported an exceptional turnout of voters -- much more than 2016.

Tom Puckett said...

We usually are within the first few punters in line on Election Day, but went after 6pm for a 7pm deadline and breezed right through - it is the midterms, after all.

No food at Langley High School, my alma mater; just the usual Republocrat sample ballot handout fleas to wade through in front on the way in, in case you need to see their choice in bold for two races and three initiatives.

We would have gone to McLean Family Restaurant after, but somehow opted for Tachibana, the best Japanese restaurant in the area which politely moved to McLean from Arlington, a few years back. The place was packed and many had the I Voted stickers - not on the forehead like Elon Musk - but on their shirt pockets as one would expect...

Much further south, I'm puzzled how a known dishonest or at least disingenuous person like DWS can run away with the such a huge majority of votes, but folks like her are always paid out in the end. The "grind slowly but exceeding fine" thing... I set my Alethiometer (1950 Jennings Sun Chief from Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn) to three (Liberty) Bells for the country during the day...

Cheers, Tom

William Boyd said...

We avoided the polls at the local elementary school--a fine amble down the street only about 3/4 mile away-- voting instead by mail.

Hope that maple syrup was Grade B, which I and my brothers-the true maple syrup fiends in the family--agree is infinitely superior to that "A" sludge (excuse the hyperbole).

Bill in Virginia