October 17, 2018

Word: Your DNA is not your culture

Sarah Zhang, The Atlantic - The accuracy of these tests is unproven. But putting that aside, consider simply what it means to get a surprise result of, say, 15 percent German. If you speak no German, celebrate no German traditions, have never cooked German food, and know no Germans, what connection is there, really? Cultural identity is the sum total of all of these experiences. DNA alone does not supersede it...

... The most charged criticism against genetic-ancestry tests is that they emphasize people’s genetic differences, ultimately reifying race as a meaningful category when it is in fact a social construct. A 2014 study found that when people read a newspaper article about genetic-ancestry tests, their beliefs in racial differences increased. And white nationalists have taken to DNA ancestry tests to prove their European heritage.


Anonymous said...

Warren is finished, another victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

She never should have publicized those results - which show her to possibly have just as much native american as any other white American. But she was baited into it by Trump.

She used that status as native american for her law school career when it suited her - which is truly awful. She has shown horrible judgment in handling this issue.

Now it looks as though she even plagiarized her family recipes for the Pow Wow Chow book.

She is toast.

Anonymous said...


Warren didn't use her claims of First Nation ancestry to get into law school, that is a lie. It looked to me that she was calling out tRumps lie that he would donate a million dollars to the charity of her choice, or if he did pay out, she would send it to a worthy charity that would bother tRump.

Warren 2020!

Anonymous said...

Warren 2020: She absolutely identified herself as "Native American" in the directories - look it up!

Harvard Law School itself championed her as its "first woman of color" - what a joke.

All her life she never identified herself as that until applying to Harvard - why is that? She trumpeted that over and over proudly! And that her mother couldn't get married because she was Indian? - She's less than 1% and less than the average European American - and that makes her "Native American" how?

The test didn't even test against native American DNA - (it was South American).

This just shows how out of touch Warren and the other Dems are.

New Campaign Banner: "Warren 1/2020" LOL

MAMADOC said...

This is why I have for years spoken of the need to ascertain our CULTURAL DNA as opposed to the biological which is non-sense or insignificant, by and large... OUR CULTURAL DNA IS WHAT UNITES US INTO LANGUAGE GROOUPS OR COMMONWEALTHS OF A SHARED LANGUAGE... THIS IS WHAT A CENSUSS SHOULD SHOW, NOT "RACE"... which is mostly a ficitonal, societal creation for more or less illegitimate behavior.