October 4, 2018

What all those Fs mean in Kavanaugh's letter


From a youth letter from Brett Kavanaugh

We're still awaiting - from Kavanugh or others - a clear definition of how two guys have sex with a woman while performing "the devil's triangle," but we can inform you of what Kavanaugh meant (using his nick nanme Bart) in this letter. The Fs stand for
  • Find them 
  • Feel them 
  • Finger them 
  • Fuck them 
  • Forget them



Anonymous said...

What I find most troubling is the people that would even consider this guy worthy of being on the supreme court.
At the least we got to view the type of person he is under the person that he presents.

I admit being uncomfortable having voted for Trump but I did that because I could never vote for Clinton. I would vote for Charles Manson if he was the only other choice against Clinton.
That makes me unpopular here. The fact trump mocked the victim or alleged victim at a rally made me sick.
The problem is bigger in my opinion than most realize. I think if it was not trump it would be someone else.
Things would not be better with Clinton or insert name here. I was certain Bush was the worst person in the world to have as president.
I think jimmy carter was the last good guy to be president.
The deepest problem the world faces is corporations are at war with humans over control of the world.
Every state should define what is a person in their constitution.
Until this is done expect less and less with each bought politician and president.

Anonymous said...


A suggestion, if you really cannot bear to vote for someone terrible, but their major party opponent is pretty bad too, then vote third party. A Third party candidate is unlikely to win, but third party votes do assist a wider range of issues being brought out to the public. It's a way to be strategic, if the race has no decent options.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that he signed it "Bart" (the pseudonym used by Judge in his book that supposedly doesn't refer to Kavanaugh)?