October 31, 2018

Pharma scheme: Fly to Mexico to save money on drugs

Axios =How much more expensive are prescription drugs in the U.S.? Enough that one Utah insurer can fly its customers to San Diego, give them a ride across the Mexican border, pay them $500 cash for their trouble, and still save over $13,000 per person.

PEHP, which covers state employees and their families, recently added the cash bonus to an existing "pharma tourism" package, and is hoping participation will rise, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.
  •     Not all prescriptions will earn you a free trip to Tijuana. The program is limited to a handful of expensive drugs (Humira is on the list), most of which treat multiple sclerosis or arthritis.
  •     Patients are eligible for up to $3,900 per year in rewards if they'll take advantage of the trips to Mexico.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

To Mexico... From Utah...???

I mean REALLY!!!

Wouldn't it be a much shorter flight just to go to Vancouver BC, CA?