October 9, 2018

Independents didn't like how Dems handled nomination battle

Washington Examiner -After a blistering confirmation battle, Justice Brett Kavanaugh will take his seat for oral arguments on the U.S. Supreme Court with a skeptical public, a majority of which opposed his nomination. However, Democrats may not be able to exploit this fact in the upcoming elections as much as they hope, because the independent voters overwhelmingly disapprove of their own handling of the nomination by a 28-point margin, a new CNN/SSRS poll finds.

Overall, just 41 percent of those polled said they wanted to see Kavanaugh confirmed, compared to 51 percent who said they opposed his confirmation. In previous CNN polls dating back to Robert Bork in 1987, no nominee has been more deeply underwater.

What's interesting, however, is even though Democrats on the surface would seem to have public opinion on their side, just 36 percent approved of how they handled the nomination, compared to 56 percent who disapproved.


Anonymous said...

What's even more interesting is there isn't any word in this article about how many independents disapproved about how republicans handled the conformation hearings. As an independent my problems with how democrats handled it is how they let kavanaugh and the republicans off easy. They did little to slow republican attempts to railroad the process. One the other side, it was an ugly display of republican misogyny, and how loathsome the republicans have become.


Geoffrey Levens said...

Yes, the whole thing was a travesty. Forget whether the sexual assault allegations are true or not. If a woman, or person of color had acted the way The k-Hole did during the hearings, they'd have been chased from the room and almost certainly lost whatever job they already had. Both sides did an appallingly poor job. Fire all of them and elect some Democratic Socialists ;)