October 1, 2018

FBI not responding to Kavanaugh witness contacts

Slate -The New Yorker reported Sunday that several people who have tried to contact the FBI with information about Brett Kavanaugh and his behavior in high school and college have said they were unable to reach FBI agents to give their accounts.

The potential witnesses include an anonymous Yale classmate and Elizabeth Rasor, a former girlfriend of Kavanaugh’s high school friend Mark Judge. Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer has also said that, as of Sunday, her client has not been contacted by the FBI. “We’ve tried repeatedly to speak with the FBI, but heard nothing back,” she said.

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Anonymous said...

Not really surprising. The FBI has always been the US's Gestapo, doing the bidding of those in power. They just dress less distinctively than the original Gestapo: no black-leather maxi-coats. Yet.