October 25, 2018

Another hazardous Trump advisor

Truthdig -Last spring, air pollution researchers from around the world gathered to discuss their latest findings. Among them were scientists who led landmark studies linking smog and soot to deadly health problems.

So it was shocking when one speaker essentially told everyone in the room that they were wrong.

In his half-hour presentation, Tony Cox, a risk analyst from Denver, claimed that researchers are overstating the dangers of air pollution. He explained how his own statistical modeling of health data found no connection between dirty air and respiratory problems or heart attacks.

Cox might have been just shrugged off as a provocateur, a denier of established science. But he leads the Trump administration’s panel of scientists that offers advice on how to protect the health of about 126 million Americans who live in smoggy and sooty places.


greg gerritt said...

That is scary

Anonymous said...

Truth takes another hit What are his qualifications to address any scientific truths? Does anyone in our former Democracy have the guts to challenge those who sow such blatant falsehoods?

Semper Paratus