September 10, 2018

The media anonymous op ed circus

The anonymous NY Times op ed is a perfect sort of story for today's mass media: a Washington insider transaction with no known answer but endless speculative possibilities. Yet the debate over who wrote it gives the story a prominence way beyond what it deserves without enlightening the public at all.

Suggestions from the White House and elsewhere that this might be treason, legally actionable disloyalty or a crime worth investigation by the Justice Department is, in fact, nonsense. Actually, given the mental instability of the president, writing the piece anonymously was a wise idea since it allows the writer to stay in a position where he or she (or them) can continue to try to keep the brakes on Donald Trump. If the author were fired, it is far less likely that the successor would perform such a useful function.

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Anonymous said...

The essential purpose of the op ed was to reassure the people that the nation was safe in the hands of unelected officials so the charade could continue.

I have contempt for anyone who was surprised by it.

The main thing about Trump is not that he is crazy, but that he is dishonorable. He has no trace of honor. His word means absolutely nothing. Such a person is less than an animal.