September 11, 2018

Scientists say American election should be counted on paper

Register, UK -The upcoming 2020 US presidential election should be conducted on paper, since there is no way currently to make electronic and internet voting secure.

That's according to a dossier from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, which probed the fallout of alleged Russian meddling with America's 2016 elections, and concluded that voting systems anywhere near the internet or a computer network were too vulnerable to be relied on to collect and tabulate vote counts.

“Elections should be conducted with human-readable paper ballots. These may be marked by hand or by machine (using a ballot-marking device); they may be counted by hand or by machine (using an optical scanner),” the US-based academics recommended in their report this week.

“Recounts and audits should be conducted by human inspection of the human-readable portion of the paper ballots. Voting machines that do not provide the capacity for independent auditing (e.g., machines that do not produce a voter-verifiable paper audit trail) should be removed from service as soon as possible.”

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Anonymous said...

There's no way to make paper ballots secure! The phrase "stuffing the ballot box" didn't refer to electronic ballots.

But there definitely is a way to make electronic ones secure -- all it requires is the will to do it: (1) Open-source software (2) Open-source hardware (3) Open-source test system to verify integrity before each deployment (4) Balloting hardware and software kept under multiple locks when not in use, individual keys kept by separate disinterested guardians (5) voters receive receipts for their votes that can impeach and void the result if sufficient no-matches.