September 7, 2018

Orange County madness: Miss four days of school and your parents are criminals

Hit & Run -Why should you faithfully deliver your children to the government schools, missing no more than a bare handful of days? Because those tykes are worth big bucks to institutional educators, so if you don't hand 'em over, you might be slapped with fines or jail time.

That's an accurate interpretation of a letter sent out to parents for years by Orange County, California, District Attorney Tony Rauckauckas. ... And keep in mind that this represents a national problem of schools claiming greater authority over kids then their parents, whether because they think they know better or just because the kids are so valuable.

One of the main components of the Orange County Gang Reduction and Intervention Partnership  "focuses on student school attendance," states Rauckauckas' letter.

Law enforcement, Deputy District Attorneys and District Attorney investigators, along with school staff monitor school attendance, tardies and truancies and conduct Truancy Sweeps and Curfew Sweeps throughout the school year. Students are not allowed to have more than 3 unexcused absences or excessive tardies. The 4th unexcused absence rises to the level of a crime and as the parent or guardian you can be prosecuted and charged with a crime.

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Anonymous said...

And people wonder why secular homeschooling is on the rise?