September 29, 2018

Marijuana arrests mount

IVN -According to FBI statistics, marijuana arrests in the United States actually increased to 659,700 in 2017 over 2016’s total of 653,249. That’s despite the fact that in 2017, the number of states that legalized marijuana for medicinal or recreational use reached a total of 29 (plus Washington DC).

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Anonymous said...

One of the reasons this is happening is non legal states have gotten into the business of profiling and stopping vehicles with plates from legal rec cannabis states and claiming they "smell marijuana". Then the cops fine tooth comb your vehicle for any trace of cannabis. It's a crass profit motive on the part of these states to harass out of state drivers with fines and possibly jail time to keep the states end of those private prison contracts fulfilled. If the cops find any, even just personal stash, they will arrest and prosecute because they can get money and even the lawyers and judges admit it's a last ditch effort on the part of the police to get every last bit of pelf they can take before it's decriminalized, or their state goes legal.

A good friend of mine was moving from Colorado to Massachusetts last winter and had this problem, because he had been a med patient, and he immediately got a lawyer within hours of his arrest, and he got out of it with a $2000 fine and a sealed record. They judge and his lawyer explained the cop profiling scam and how the cops consider it a gravy train while it lasts.