September 1, 2018

John McCain: Just for the record

Five Thirty Eight -From 1987 to 2015, McCain voted with the Republican Party 87 percent of the time on party-line votes1 in the average Congress. The median senator during that period voted with his or her party 91 percent of the time.

McCain has also been a fairly reliable conservative vote on important issues, which is apparent if you examine American Conservative Union scorecards from 1987 to 2015. The ACU, a right-leaning political interest group,issues annual scorecards for every member of Congress based on whether a senator or representative voted for what it considers the conservative position on about 20 to 25 key votes3 each year. In the average year, McCain had a conservative score of 81. That’s only slightly less than the median Republican senator’s score, 87.
According to Politics That Works, McCain voted for the wealthy 75% of the time and for civil rights 29% of the time. He voted for big business 100%, the military 91%, and domestic suveilance 79% of the time. Women's rights 40%, ethnic rights, 30%. Labor rights 19%, alternative sex rights 17%. Environmental protection: 3%

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greg gerritt said...

McCain's record is why I had no use for him, but I did enjoy watchng him used to mess with Trump.