September 27, 2018

Dumping Kavanaugh may not improve things

Daily Mail, UK -If President Donald Trump is forced to pick an alternate Supreme Court nominee to Brett Kavanaugh, his top choice may be a female judge who has close ties to a conservative Christian group that helped inspire The Handmaid's Tale.

Amy Coney Barrett, 46, was considered a leading backup as Kavanaugh's nomination hung in the balance , with a third accuser coming forward to allege sexual misconduct in his youth. 

Activist groups have already registered '' in a bid to fight her potential nomination.

Barrett, a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judge on the Seventh Circuit was added to Trump's shortlist of potential nominees last year, and was said to be among his top three picks before he settled on Kavanaugh.

After Trump announced Kavanaugh as his choice in July, Republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah commented that he assumed Barrett would be selected 'next time'. 


Anonymous said...

While Coney Barret is undoubtedly as bad as Kavanaugh, it will push confirmation off until after election day. If Democrats take both houses or even one, it could slow the process which would be better then ramming Kavanaugh through.

#Rapepublicans #IbelieveDrFord

Frances Heutte Schaefer said...

Yes indeed I agree with the fact that this woman would be horrible, also. Citizen's United really hindered and also the way that Mr. Obama was cheated out of appointing another justice to the court.

Anonymous said...

The Kavanaugh stuff really doesn't matter. I remember when Bush appointed Ashcroft as AG. I was horrified. However, when Ashcroft was replaced with Gonzales, things went from horrible to worse than horrible. We are going to suffer from this conundrum until we elevate our values as a nation.