September 19, 2018

Another witness against Kavanaugh ignored by committee

Alternet=  Lawyer Cyrus Sanai first attempted to contact the top Republican and Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee at the end of July. The information Sanai was offering was connected to disgraced Judge Alex Kozinski, the former mentor of Brett Kavanaugh, who retired before a more thorough investigation into his reportedly rampant sexual misconduct was pursued. Sanai was a California lawyer who “blew the whistle” on Kozinski’s behavior, long before news outlets picked up the story.:

    I am writing to you in your respective capacities as Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The purpose of this letter is to urge an immediate follow-up hearing to the June 13, 2018 hearing on “Confronting Sexual Harassment and Other Workplace Misconduct in the Federal Judiciary.” The June 13, 2018 hearing was substantially insufficient, because it failed to call witnesses to address the institutionalized policies of retaliation against employees of the courts, law clerks, and third parties who expose judicial misconduct. This issue needs to be addressed now because there are persons who work for, or who have worked for, the federal judiciary who have important stories to tell about disgraced former Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, and his mentee, current United States Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
According to Sanai, he received no replies. The importance of this document is that these witnesses could potentially confirm or contradict Kavanaugh’s repeated assertions—under oath—that he knew nothing of his mentor’s misconduct.

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