September 4, 2018

A few things Bob Woodward found and tells in his new Trump book

CNN - Chief of staff John Kelly describes Trump as an "idiot" and "unhinged," Woodward reports. Defense Secretary James Mattis describes Trump as having the understanding of "a fifth or sixth grader." And Trump's former personal lawyer John Dowd describes the President as "a fucking liar," telling Trump he would end up in an "orange jump suit" if he testified to special counsel Robert Mueller.


Howard said...

More than most people in their lifetimes do not ever have the opportunity to meet a true malignant,narcissistic psychopathic liar, who is also a racist and a misogynist. Nor is there much discussion in their social meetings concerning psychopathic personalities. The labelingof him by the people he has appointed, to be an idiot, or a fucking liar, etc. is truly not descriptive of him and displays their own inadequacies and/or knowledge of psychpathic personalities.
Place on top of all his psychopathic disorders, the fact that he is so completely incompetent.
If these appointees had any veracity at all, they would quit many months ago.

But to stay there and just call him names, displays their own inadequacies and poor judgement.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Woodward...the one who said ex-CIA chief Casey gave HIM a deathbed confession! LOL

More Fake News!

Anonymous said...

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