August 20, 2018

Word: Worker's pay

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Anonymous said...

1865: 'Instead of the conservative motto, A fair day's wage for a fair day's work, we must inscribe on our banner the revolutionary watchword, Abolition of the wage system' (Marx, Value, Price, and Profit).
1928: 'Earning a wage is a prison occupation' (Wages, DH Lawrence).
1965: Workers still 'don't realise that they can abolish the wages system' (Socialist Standard).
2018: $15?

Anonymous said...

In 2000 and 2007 the ratio was 383.4 & 351.3 respectively. The year selected above, 2009 represents the "correction" made by the crash made inevitable by these and other predatory practices. There has not been a steady and gradual increase, as implied above. Since the "correction" the CEOs and super elite have regained over 1/2 of their losses while the middle and low income worker has stayed in the same stagnate, low-wage strangle-hold and have actually lost purchasing power.

A $15 min. wage? Please! This is still poverty. After we pay for housing, healthcare, food and energy a $15 wage still leaves you short for savings. Still leaves you pay-check to pay-check. We know there is not a single city/town in America where you can afford a 1 BR apt. on min. wage. What most folks don't seem to realize is, you still can't afford it with even a $15 wage.

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