August 30, 2018

Trump regime trying to strip citizenship from latinos born near Mexican border

Slate - The next phase in the Trump administration’s effort to reduce immigration is to strip Americans who were simply born and raised near the border with Mexico of their citizenship by claiming their birth certificates and other birth documents are fraudulent. In June, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, began an Orwellian-sounding process of “denaturalization” of American citizens that the U.S. government believed obtained citizenship through identity theft and fraud. Over the last nearly 30 years, revoking an American of citizenship has been exceedingly rare, occurring in only several hundred instances. That appears set to change and a Washington Post report Wednesday found the government’s program of invalidating what appears to be almost exclusively Hispanic Americans’ citizenship, by revoking passports of Americans born along the southern border, is not a limited piecemeal effort. It’s an active, if discreet American policy that’s being carried out against card-carrying citizens.

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