August 10, 2018

Trump regime plans to charge for protests on National Mall

The Hill

The National Parks Service is considering a policy change that would allow it to charge groups that use the National Mall for political events a fee for services and security provided, as well as some restrictions on such protests.

A draft of the proposed rule released by NPS states that the new policy would "consider requiring permit applicants to pay fees to allow the NPS to recover some of the costs of administering permitted activities that contain protected speech."


Anonymous said...

Surely that's unconstitutional on its face, no matter how they try to package it.

Anonymous said...

How about charging Politicians (and women) for the use of the Capital Building in Washington, their offices, cars, and last but best... Airforce One (and two).
Just how many people in "government" have the use of a car? They get to take it home, and most probably use them on occasion for personal use.
This could just be the 'tip of the iceberg'.

Anonymous said...


"How about charging Politicians (and women) "

Why "(and women)"??? Should the cleaning lady have to pay charges to mop the floors? What about the men who aren't Politicians? Do they get to use the Capital Building for free, while "Politicians (and women)" pay for access to a government building that many of them work in?

Anonymous said...


Sorry about that... started to say one thing, and then forgot to remove the (and women).

I know, I know, I was surprised to read it too.