August 14, 2018

Stephan Miller's uncle doesn't go for his nephew's line on immigration

Daily Beast - Stephen Miller’s uncle has launched an extraordinary attack on his nephew, saying the family of the man behind Donald Trump’s immigration policies wouldn’t exist today if his family hadn’t escaped persecution by coming to the United States. “I have watched with dismay and increasing horror as my nephew, who is an educated man and well aware of his heritage, has become the architect of immigration policies that repudiate the very foundation of our family’s life in this country,” wrote David Glosser. He explains the Glosser family fled anti-Jewish pogroms in Belarus in the early 20th century. They went on to own a chain of supermarkets that employed thousands. “I shudder at the thought of what would have become of the Glossers had the same policies Stephen so coolly espouses—the travel ban, the radical decrease in refugees, the separation of children from their parents, and even talk of limiting citizenship for legal immigrants—had been in effect when [ancestor] Wolf-Leib [Glosser] made his desperate bid for freedom.” If his family hadn’t escaped to America, Glosser predicts they would have been murdered by the Nazis. He adds: “I would encourage Stephen to ask himself if the chanting, torch-bearing Nazis of Charlottesville, whose support his boss seems to court so cavalierly, do not envision a similar fate for him.”     

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