August 20, 2018

Rare photos of Woodstock

History 101 - The most iconic music festival of the 1960s (and perhaps ever) was meant to be “A weekend in the country” for about 100,000 lucky festival goers. But when the venue was moved at the last second, no one could’ve imagined that half a million people would show up and rock the concert of the ages. Food and water was scarce, and rain poured hard, but the community feeling overpowered logistical problems and those who attended witnessed something never to be repeated. The feelings of love and peace felt in that special weekend in 1969 were difficult for them to describe, but photos of the event allow us to experience just a little bit of that magical time and place in history.

Max and Miriam Yasgur were the happy hosts in Bethel, New York for the greatest music festival in history. Woodstock was originally planned for about 100,000 people but over half a million showed up. Despite the absolute mess and the fact that his neighbors were so upset (he was no longer welcome in the town’s general store) Yasgur and his wife were happy to be a part of the moment.

Close to the end of the festival, Max Yasgur addressed the masses and summed it up when he said, “You are the largest group of people ever assembled in one place at one time… we had no idea there would be this many… and you have proven something to the world… that half a million kids can get together for fun and music and have nothing but fun and music.”


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