August 31, 2018

Larger planes and passenger crowding is increasing air travel

Daily Mail, UK  - Statistics from the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics reveal that in 2017 there were a record-breaking 741million domestic-flight passengers in the U.S, up from 647million in 2005.

However, in that time the number of flights being operated has decreased 18.5 per cent and the average number of passengers on a US domestic flight since 2007 has risen from 69 to 91. 

To pack more passengers in many airlines have added added extra rows on to aircraft.

For example, in 2007 Southwest Airlines' 737 aircraft would carry 137 passengers but now the aircraft have been reconfigured to fit 143 passengers...

JetBlue is reported to be adding two extra rows to its A320 aircraft, increasing passenger numbers from 150 to 162.

Also, in the mid-1990s, standard seating on a 777 aircraft was nine seats across and it is now not uncommon to see 10 seats in a row.


Anonymous said...

Cramming ever more people into airplanes is a public safety disaster.

Boffin said...

At any moment there are about one million people in the air.