July 18, 2018

Trump supporters greatly over estimate role of MS-13

Truthdig -  85 percent of Trump supporters surveyed believe, as Dana Liebelson and Ariel Edwards-Levy write in HuffPost, the gang “is a very serious or somewhat serious threat to the United States as a whole.” Approximately half of those supporters “are worried a great deal or somewhat that they or a family member will fall victim to MS-13 violence.”

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Anonymous said...

...Say people who don't live in the areas affected by MS-13!

In other words, typical elites who decry walls to protect those of the lower classes while living secure in their gated communities.

The same typical elites who want to deny the rights of commoners to have firearms to protect themselves from the crime sprees while the elites have their own protection 24/7.

Yes, Virginia - Animal Farm, 1984, and Brave New World were all more real than fiction!