July 31, 2018

Trump regime toying with privatizing mail service

American Postal Workers Union - The White House proposal on restructuring the federal government ... would end regular mail and package services at an affordable cost to 157 million addresses every day.

The White House’s plan states, “Like many European nations the United States could privatize its postal operator…” What’s left unsaid is European nations charge substantially more for mail services delivered in a much smaller area. They also regularly raise the cost of delivery. For example, the cost of sending a letter in the United Kingdom has increased 80 percent over the past decade. By comparison, the U.S. has the lowest postage rates in the industrialized world.

Eliminating the universal service obligation, as the plan suggests, would hurt business and individuals alike, and would be a dagger aimed at the heart of rural America and undermine e-commerce.

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Anonymous said...

To say nothing of the fact that it is unconstitutional!