July 9, 2018

Trump regime policy isn't even keeping immigrants out of US

Washington Times - Migrant families continued to pour across the U.S.-Mexico border in June, according to the latest numbers, a signal that the government’s threat to jail parents and separate them from their children didn’t stop them from making the attempt.

Indeed, while the data released Thursday showed progress on the overall flow of people and on children traveling unaccompanied by parents, the number of families trying to sneak into the U.S. between the ports of entry remained virtually unchanged over the past three months.

Analysts were baffled. They expected the administration’s get-tough policy announced in early May to change patterns.

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greg gerritt said...

Clearly neither the government nor the analysts understand what is going on in the world. people are on the run because the world is collapsing, a little thing like a border wall is not going to change anything.