July 14, 2018

The new confederacy

Alternet - On July 4, the family of Ivette Celedon (a third-generation U.S. citizen of Mexican descent) was enjoying some Latin music in their back yard when Lappin, one of their neighbors, angrily confronted them and insisted they had no right to “disrespect my fucking country” by playing Spanish-language music on Independence Day. 

Brooklyn native Vladimir Philidore was riding a bus in Rockland County, NY near New York City when, on June 30, 57-year-old Anne Marie Messiano began screaming racial slurs and ranting that immigrants need to “go back to your fucking country.” And when she saw that Philidore, who is African-American, was filming her with his smartphone camera, she turned her wrath on him.

Vineyard Gazette, MA -  Mr. Brooks said he was waiting for the bus at his usual stop on Beach Road just past the Triangle. On Wednesday the bus drove by him and the driver looked at him and kept driving, he said. According to the [Vineyard Transit Authority] the bus was full and the driver did not change the destination sign to say Bus At Capacity. The VTA said onboard audio/video footage reviewed by the authority showed that the driver responded by saying the bus was full. When the person challenged the response, the VTA said, the driver responded: “Well, it’s because you are black.” Mr. Brooks described a similar account of what transpired. He said he hopped in an Uber and followed the bus to Oak Bluffs, waiting for the bus to clear before he asked the driver why he hadn’t stopped. “I said what was the reason you didn’t stop for me in Edgartown,’” Mr. Brooks said. “He said ‘Because you’re black.’” Mr. Brooks said the bus driver added that the bus was crowded.

When Mexican-American Los Angeles resident Esteban Guzman was doing a landscaping job in June, a woman he didn’t know angrily confronted him and told him to “go back to Mexico.”

In May, Trump-supporting attorney Aaron Schlossberg angrily went into an anti-immigrant tirade at the Fresh Kitchen in Mid-Town Manhattan when he overheard an employee speaking Spanish with two customers. Schlossberg ranted, “My guess is they’re not documented; so, my next call is to ICE to have each one of them kicked out of my country."

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