July 22, 2018

Poll update

Republicans stand to lose 3, with 5 more seats in doubt. Two Democratic seats are in doubt

Democrat seats in doubt
Oregon 0%
Rhode Island: 3%

Republican seats in doubt
2, 1,1,3%
Ohio 7, 4%
Michigan 5%
Nevada 2, 3, 1, 2%

Republican loss
Illinois: 18, 9%
New Mexico 13%
Tennessee 6% 


Thirty-three percent of respondents in a Washington Post-ABC poll released early Sunday said they approved of Trump’s handling of his meeting with Putin, while 50 percent said they disapproved. Among Democrats, just 8 percent approved while 83 percent disapproved. Two-thirds of Republican respondents said they approved, with 18 percent saying they disapproved. Independents aligned closely with the general population, with 46 percent disapproving and 33 percent approving 

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