July 15, 2018

Most Democrats want candidates to be nore like Bernie Sanders

Newsweek - A new poll by YouGov showed that a majority of Democrats want candidates in 2018 to be more like the independent, democratic socialist candidate. The polling firm asked: "Do you wish the candidates who run for Congress this year will be more or less like Bernie Sanders?" A full 57 percent of Democratic respondents said "more like Bernie Sanders" in response. ... Only 13 percent of Republicans said they wanted candidates to be more like Sanders. Independents were split. Twenty-seven percent said more like Sanders.


Tom Puckett said...

I'd risk a tenner at a sporting hundred-to-eight that Bernie is a shill and a ringer, just mouthing semi-progressive ideas to attract those who would gravitate to an actual progressive, such as Jill Stein.

On the original Star Trek TV series, a computer that sent the Enterprise on the other side of the galaxy to protect its home base, kept sending a signal through a relay so the Enterprise crew would focus their attention on that, rather than realizing and solving the overall problem.

Bernie is that spurious but genuine-sounding signal in politics today.

He'll never be allowed to run as a Democrat, since "Democrats would rather lose to a Republican than win with a progressive."

Democratic candidates are selected to be weak and ineffective, and run as the paper or plastic - take your pick - candidates of the two-headed single money party run "elections."

Was there anything more pathetic than Harry Reed or duplicitous as Nancy Pelosi? Nancy was recorded as saying that people in the Democratic party don't want a new direction, meaning therefore that they would rather keep losing and having no power to effect change with Democrats who then never get in power or are complete wimps if they do.

In California, where as in a brief moment in the Obama administration, all branches of government are controlled by Democrats. Yet they managed to sink a health-care for all bill and are futzing around with net neutrality.

Obama passed a Republican health care plan (wasn't it the one that Bob "couldn't stand up on stage" Dole originally proposed?) with both him and HRC flatly denying to put forth even a public "option." We pay for it, lets cut out the middle greed.

Maine is headed in the right direction with ranked choice voting. Let's reform the other 90% of the system!

And start getting some of your news ideas from independent journalism (as opposed to CNN stenography) such as Jimmy Dore on YouTube, on smart tvs everywhere.

If such a night-club comedian can understand what's going on in politics, the politicians themselves and their six media conglomerates must also know, making them all knaves, rather than dupes.

Hew to the (Progressive) line and let the chips fall where they may...

Cheers, Tom

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't take the bet, but I'd offer the same one for the same reason.

The "Bernie-love" is genuine, dyed-in-the-wool Ochsian-liberal politics: they want someone who will tweak the system, not someone who will flip it over and bang on the sides til the crap falls out.

Dennis Kucinich's fate is an example of what Ochsian liberals do to someone who actually offers the real change that Ochsian liberals claim to want, but don't: they vote for the spineless empty suit Kerry, or the DLCer Dr Dean, who sat there on camera woffling as he tried to calculate whether he should support Bush's criminal attack on Iraq or oppose it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments... Insulting yet funny as they are.

However, Tom P spent non-to-little time talking about Sanders, while venting his spleen on various others that must have crossed his scanner in the past.

I agree with Anon @ 1:21 about the desire for someone who will 'tweak' vs 'flip' the system. More might not be expected, depending upon the make-up of Congress. And after this current Swamp-drainer, I'm not sure I want anyone who would state his/her desire to "bang on the sides til the crap falls out".
After Dubya's reign, Hillary ran for Pres. and stated that she wanted Congress to un-do everything that had been enacted during those previous eight years - which appealed to me. However, in spite of Obama's relative inexperience, I thought he was the better choice. Jury is still out.

See how easy it is to get on a tangent. And maybe rile somebody!

We actually need somebody like Bernie. Not to be President, but to steer people in the right direction. Sights must be kept on the ideals of what is desired in our Democracy, and not allow monied interests to rip government entirely away from any association with the less fortunate economically, minorities, or political groups.

We need a new Congress.