July 28, 2018

Massachusetts plans to shanme bad broadband providers


Massachusetts plans to protect net neutrality by naming and shaming internet service providers that don't adhere to open internet principles.

Lawmakers in the state Senate have proposed a bill (S2160) that would create an "internet service provider registry" to track whether broadband and wireless providers adhere to policies that keep the internet open and neutral. That includes ensuring that content isn't blocked and that access to sites and services aren't slowed down or throttled. ISPs that keep consumer data private and meet net neutrality guidelines can get a "Massachusetts Net Neutrality and Consumer Privacy Seal" of approval.

The bill passed the state Senate and will next be considered by the state's House of Representatives. 

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Anonymous said...

It'd be still nicer if they mandated decent speed at a decent price. I pay $30/month for slightly better than dial-up, and it's all I can get where I currently live. And there are people in this same city who can only get dialup.