July 10, 2018

Best and worst cities for driving

WalletHub has released its report on 2018's Best & Worst Cities to Drive in.

To determine the most driver-friendly places in the U.S., WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities across 29 key metrics. The data set ranges from average gas prices to annual hours in traffic congestion per auto commuter to auto-repair shops per capita.
Best Cities for Driving   Worst Cities for Driving
1 Raleigh, NC   91 Chicago, IL
2 Corpus Christi, TX   92 Los Angeles, CA
3 Orlando, FL   93 Newark, NJ
4 Greensboro, NC   94 New York, NY
5 Plano, TX   95 Boston, MA
6 Winston-Salem, NC   96 Seattle, WA
7 Durham, NC   97 Philadelphia, PA
8 El Paso, TX   98 Oakland, CA
9 Jacksonville, FL   99 San Francisco, CA
10 Tampa, FL   100 Detroit, MI

Best vs. Worst
  • Greensboro, North Carolina, residents spend the fewest annual hours in traffic congestion per auto commuter, 4, which is 25.5 times fewer than in Los Angeles, the city where residents spend the most at 102.
  • Gilbert, Arizona, has the fewest car thefts (per 1,000 residents), 0.49, which is 33.1 times fewer than in Oakland, California, the city with the most at 16.23.
  • Oklahoma City has the lowest average gas price, $2.58 per gallon, which is 1.5 times lower than in San Francisco, the city with the highest at $3.85 per gallon.
  • Riverside, California, has the lowest average parking rate, $1.43 per two hours, which is 19.2 times lower than in Buffalo, New York, the city with the highest at $27.44 per two hours.


Thomas Day said...

Clearly, these characters have never driven in either Texas or Florida. I can't disagree with Seattle, though. That city's definition of a "distracted driver" would have to involve multiple cell phones, a movie going on the dashboard, and a full hairdresser's routine being applied to the driver.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that Oakland has the most car thefts.

Over the years, I've lived in at least 12 cities in 3 countries on 2 continents and only rarely in the better part of town. Yet none of my cars were ever stolen or vandalised until I moved to Springfield Mass after retiring.

When I lived in Springfield, my car -a Honda Civic DX Coupe several years old by then- was hit 3 times: the first an aborted theft (broken driver's window and chewed up ignition lock), the second a theft and stripping of body panels and parts, the third just a stripping of the rocker panels.

The cop who took the second report said that thieves just look for an apartment building parking lot that doesn't seem to be surveilled, and they come back again and again. It's like a "3AM Parts Department" for thieves.

He reckoned that Springfield with the car-theft capital of New England, at least, since the SPD's car-theft squad was bigger than any other in NE.