July 17, 2018

Activists seek congressional support against airline's seat legroom abuse

Telegraph, UK - The US Senate is under pressure to back legislation which would set a minimum size for airline seats.

Airlines have been relentlessly cutting seat size and pitch as they try to boost their bottom line.

Now FlyersRights.org, the main passenger advocacy group in the US, has said enough is enough, warning that the trend is posing a health and safety risk.

It wants Congress to prevent airlines shrinking seats even further and establish a minimum seat size. A measure has passed the House of Representatives but still needs Senate approval.

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Anonymous said...

The minimum seat size and leg room needs to be larger then what ever the airlines are using currently. I hadn't flown in about a decade, and I could not believe how bad seat size and leg room had become. I'm not that tall, at a hair under 5'8" and my knees were grinding against the back of the seat ahead of me when it was in upright position. At the end of my flight my knees were so cramped and bruised that I almost could not rise to exit the plane. These planes have become a total death trap, if any problems arise that require people to exit the plane in an emergency.