June 26, 2018

Young around the world are leaving religion

Religion News - There are few spots around the world where parents don’t have to drag their young adult children to worship: Ghana, a predominantly Christian county is one; Chad, a predominantly Muslim country, is another.

In both African nations, younger adults are 3 percentage points more likely to identify with their faith than their elders, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center of religious feelings among older and younger adults.

The study, which finds that younger people the world over are generally less religious than their elders, determined that the pattern is generally reversed where prosperity and life expectancy lag. Life expectancy in Chad and Ghana is among the lowest in the world.

The survey of 106 nations, drawn from 13 studies undertaken over the past decade, shows that nearly everywhere else, young adults are drifting away from the faith commitments of their elders. The gap appeared to be widest in most economically developed countries.

....Canada leads all countries with a 28 percentage-point difference between younger and older people on the question of whether they affiliate with a particular religion. Denmark, South Korea, Australia and Norway follow. In the United States, younger adults aged 18 to 39 years are 17 percent less likely to claim a religion than adults aged 40 and over.


Anonymous said...

Religion is still a big deal. It's not going away. And these individuals leaving their faiths don't realize just how steeped they are in said faiths. Psychologically speaking, you can't just wash that stuff away and strike it out on your own. A culture of one is like an ant colony of one. Nonsensical. Nietzsche went through all this like 150 years ago.

Greg Gerritt said...

I am glad folks are leaving religions. I left at the age of 6. The 7 days versus 5 billion years was the last straw. Nowadays it seems that mostly religions are used as an excuse for violence and war. We would be better off without it.