June 20, 2018

Poll finds Millennials favorable towards socialism

Portside - A new survey from the University of Chicago’s GenForward project suggests that these voters could pull the Democratic Party, and American politics, sharply to the left. The survey of 1,750 respondents found that “Majorities of Millennials across race and ethnicity believe a strong government rather than a free market approach is needed to address today’s complex economic problems.”

In the survey’s most striking finding, 61 percent of Millennial Democrats polled – nearly two-thirds – expressed favorable views of socialism. The report notes that 32 percent of independents and “only” 25 percent of Republicans say they are favorable toward socialism.

The study also shows that the “rising Democratic majority” of black and brown voters isn’t very fond of capitalism, for understandable reasons. Only 45 percent of Latinxs and 34 percent of African-Americans hold favorable views of capitalism.

These results suggest that Democratic leaders are ill-advised to insist, as Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton both did recently, that theirs is a strictly capitalistic party. Clinton’s dismissive tone toward socialist-leaning Democrats seemed especially counterproductive.


Anonymous said...

Socialism has never been tried!
'In place of the old bourgeois society, with its classes and class antagonisms, we shall have an association in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all' (Communist Manifesto, 1848). Nothing like this exists, or has existed.

Anonymous said...

That's because the only mass murder they know about is the holocaust. They've never heard of the holodomore atrocity. Never read about Mao. It doesn't matter how many corpses are piled up. It wasn't real socialism. Just ask the dirt bag who already posted. Socialism, naziism, Islam. Murderous ideologies. You can keep them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 11.29, the Communist governments have all (excepting, afaiaa, Cuba and Venezuela) state-socialist, aka state-capitalist, aka fascist. The evidence for that is their oligarchic governments, with immense privilege for the big chunks floating at the top, and little or nothing for those who do the work.

Anonymous said...

So you re-worded the "not real communism" argument. That's not an argument. It's a logical fallacy.